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Clubs and Organizations

Student Clubs & Organizations

特拉华大学有超过50个由学生组成的学生组织,以满足各种个人, social, political, recreational, and religious interests. 

Advocacy & Service

  • Barbara Bunch

    • The Barbara Bunch pairs 澳门葡京手机版 students with children from the local Barbara Cardwell high school for one-on-one mentoring once a week. 没有必要教授学术材料,这些孩子只需要有人说话 to and look up to. Contact Maria Pecha ( for more info! 
  • Crusaders for Life

    • CFL由反堕胎的学生领袖组成,他们相信人的生命始于受孕 and that each human is created by God with an inalienable right to life. We strive 教育澳门葡京手机版自己和澳门葡京手机版的社区,成为和平生活的倡导者 抗议,政治和社会活动,并支持志同道合的组织. 如果您想加入或了解更多关于澳门葡京手机版的信息,请葡京游戏平台的总裁Veronica Lang ( or email the club directly ( 
  • The Dallas Refugee Project

    • 达拉斯难民项目是一个学生运营的501(c)3非营利组织,专注于服务 Dallas refugees with empathy, understanding, and respect. Currently, the DRP is focused 在由大学生为初高中难民设计的辅导项目上 students in Dallas. Through a partnership with the International Rescue Committee (美国国务院批准的9个安置机构之一),达拉斯难民 Project has a classroom in North Dallas! Email aubrey@dallasrefugeeproject. org for more details and information on how to join!

  • Groundhog Library

  • The Hephaistos Society

    • The Hephaistos Society promotes virtue in the virtual world. Through activities,
      讲座,以及与校园组织和部门的合作,Hephaistos Society
      将寻求教育和鼓励学生正确地管理技术 and in
      decreased dependence on smartphones and social media. Please contact Charlie Atkins ( for more information.
  • MindMatters

    • MindMatters致力于提高人们对心理健康的认识,并消除心理疾病 mental health stigma. MindMatters also provides validation of personal experiences and offers peer support. Please contact to join. 
  • Mission Youth

    • 宣教青年团向学生灌输真正的天主教传教精神 身体通过每月慈善和福音宣教的无家可归的人 大达拉斯地区和小团体形成活动,为 same. For more information, please contact Sara Mora (
  • Rotaract

    • 扶轮青年服务团是一个以服务为本的青年专业人士的联盟,致力改善扶轮 通过学生主导的服务,澳门葡京手机版的社区和领导技能的发展 projects. If you are interested in joining, please email
  • Student Leaders for Racial Solidarity

    • 种族团结学生领袖是一个学生领导的组织,致力于倡导 for love of one another and conversion of the heart. Students are encouraged to join 因为这是一个在校园里认识其他同学并互相庆祝的好方法. To join, please contact and follow us on Instagram @slrs_ud.
  • Vera Aqua Vera Vita

    • Vera Aqua Vera Vita (VAVV)俱乐部是一个学生领导的组织,致力于培养 提高对全球水危机的认识,帮助保护澳门葡京手机版当地的环境 Community, and creating fun ways to support our Global Community in need! All are 欢迎加入-认识新朋友,加入澳门葡京手机版有趣(有影响力)的活动,并学习 how we’re changing the world one drop at a time! Contact Angel Lopez for more information at
  • Xenia Society

    • Xenia协会是一个由女性社区组成的伞形组织. 受希腊的Xenia美德(客人友谊)的启发,澳门葡京手机版的目标是创造一个 在澳门葡京手机版的妇女的生活中创造一个思想开放和心胸开阔的环境 campus. By providing monthly educational lectures, monthly social gatherings, and 澳门葡京手机版提供各种学生领导的亲和团体(健身团体,读书俱乐部等) 澳门葡京手机版的女性有机会去接触,去联系那些她们不认识的人 在此之前,与那些他们已经认识的人加深友谊,并学到更多 关于如何成为最好的自己——既是为了他们自己,也是为了别人 the sake of those around them. All women of 澳门葡京手机版 are welcome! To join the email list, ask questions, or learn more, please reach out to Bonnie Baldwin (
  • Young Conservatives of Texas

    • 德州青年保守派(YCT)是一个无党派的学生组织 主张在德州及其他地区推行保守的社会和财政政策 than 40 years. On campus, our YCT chapter promotes civil discourse by hosting lectures 关于公共政策、政治哲学和信仰的交叉的辩论 and public life.Contact Luke Posegate ( to join.

Creative Arts & Humanities

  • Alexander Hamilton Society

    • 澳门葡京手机版邀请杰出的外交政策澳门葡京手机版和实践者来校园讨论 或者就当下最紧迫的问题展开辩论,每两周举办一次读书会 we discuss an important work related to foreign policy. Send us an email at to get involved. 
  • The Anscombe Society

    • 安斯库姆协会是以天主教哲学家伊丽莎白·安斯库姆的名字命名的 a chapter of the Love & Fidelity Network and discusses the beauty and purpose of human sexuality, marriage, and the family. Our mission is to help enrich campus conversations on these matters by providing an alternative voice in support of chastity and the sexual norms 围绕着它,支持婚姻作为一个男人和一个人的终身结合 woman, and the special role of the stable, intact family in society. We aim to foster discussion that is civil and 真诚,这有助于澳门葡京手机版的智力和个人发展 peers. Contact Niko Walz ( for more info.
  • Art Village Association

    • 澳门葡京手机版AVA在画廊中结合了对工作室艺术和历史的热爱,欣赏和研究 活动,演示,讨论,销售和实践活动的学生 all art levels and interests. You do not have to a student in the Art Department to be a member, just bring your enthusiasm! To join, contact
  • Classics Club

    • 古典文学俱乐部是为所有对古典语言和古代感兴趣的学生而设 world. 加入澳门葡京手机版的讨论和有关古典历史和语言的活动! For more information, please contact Maggie Palmer (
  • Philosophy Club

  • Sigma Tau Delta

    • Sigma Tau Delta是一个国际英语荣誉协会,致力于培养 读写能力和各方面的英语语言在学院和大学. 在葡京游戏平台,阿尔法西格玛圆周率分会是特别致力于 在校园里通过诗歌朗诵培养对英国文学的强烈热爱 and literary events. Contact Veronica Lang ( to get involved. 
  • The Thomistic Institute

    • 托马斯学院的分会由学生组成和经营,以带来一流的基督徒 他们的最终目标是培养天主教知识分子 tradition vibrantly present on contemporary campuses. Join us for monthly discussion nights led by your favorite 澳门葡京手机版 faculty and lectures by official TI speakers! Contact to get involved! 
  • Thomas More Society

    • 学生可以通过每月的课程了解更多成为律师的过程 events, networking, and LSAT practice under the intercession of St. Thomas More. For more information, please contact Alexa Hassell at
  • Tocqueville Society

    • 托克维尔学会是葡京游戏平台校际研究的分会 Institute (ISI). This club serves as a community of like-minded students who love 讨论历史、政治、哲学和神学等话题. We also host Symposiums and faculty and student debates. Please contact Joseph Moynihan ( if you are interested in joining. 
  • Writer's Guild

    • Have a novel, short story, or poetry you want to share? Maybe not yet, but you'd like to try? Join 澳门葡京手机版's Writers Guild to unlock your muse with other amateur writers! Contact Club President Abigail Malone ( for more info. Write on! 


  • American Sign Language Club

    • 美国手语俱乐部传播对美国手语的欣赏 Deaf culture throughout the University of Dallas community. For more information, please contact Sarah Rondeau (
  • Asian Student Association

    • 这个俱乐部不仅是亚洲学生的安全空间,也是一个希望 to teach others of the many different cultures in Asia. Of course, you don't have to be Asian to be part of the club. Contact Martha Raborg ( to join! 
  • French Club

    • 法语俱乐部致力于提高人们对法语的认识和欣赏 and
      校园文化,并帮助学生寻求学习或掌握法语. 如果您感兴趣或想了解更多信息,请联系Catherine Winston (
  • German Club

    • Guten Tag! The 澳门葡京手机版 German Club celebrates the German language and culture. We host discussion practice, poetry readings, bread-making and more! German students and non-German students alike are welcome. Join us in appreciating and learning about German tradition! Please contact Edy Harold ( for more information and to join.
  • Italian Club

    • 来加入其他学生的意大利语对话时间,校外旅行,和 events all related to the culture, history, art, and language of Italy! Please contact for more info. 
  • Spanish Club

    • 西班牙俱乐部提供了各种活动,开放给所有人,以庆祝 西班牙和拉丁美洲文化的美丽和多样性——当然,还有 Spanish language! We recognize the diversity of students at 澳门葡京手机版 and invite the community to share traditions, holidays, music, and more! Additionally, we aim to provide exposure 到充满活力的西班牙/拉丁美洲文化活动在DFW地区必须提供! Please consider joining our club by emailing, all are welcome! 


  • Co-Workers of the Vineyard

    • 同工在葡萄园是一个以信仰为基础的俱乐部,旨在培养真实的精神 conversations on campus. This is done through discussion and the sharing of personal 为了帮助准备学生活出他们的天主教信仰 the world outside of 澳门葡京手机版. Along with hearing and sharing testimonies, Co-Wo seeks to 通过出席天主教青少年活动,在DFW建立基督的身体 the Metroplex. Contact Zack Weiss ( for more information.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    • FCA是一个由学生运动员领导的俱乐部,专注于把人们聚集在一起 create fellowship. We gather twice a month to play games, read a devotional, and make memories. While we are led by student-athletes, everyone is welcome whether they play a sport or not! Follow us on instagram @ud_fca for weekly updates on locations and events! Please contact Paiten Baesa ( to join or follow @ud_fca on Instagram. 
  • Holy Trinity Events

    • Holy Trinity Events赞助社交聚会、体育赛事和服务项目 为大学学生提供与神学院学生更直接互动的机会. Join us for our daily rosary and our annual S'mores with Seminarians! For more info, please contact Gage Neisen ( 
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship

    • 东正教团契(OCF)是正式的大学校园事工计划 隶属于美利坚合众国正统正统主教大会. 澳门葡京手机版的使命是成为东正教教会在澳门葡京手机版的爱的存在 campus while fostering our members' spiritual formation. We host activities at 澳门葡京手机版 同时也为澳门葡京手机版的成员提供了参与地区、州、 and nationwide events. All students are welcome and appreciated! Contact Anya Van Arnam for more information at
  • Society of St. Joseph

    • The Society of St. Joseph seeks to foster within its ranks true Christian values, a sincere devotion to the example of manhood and fatherhood offered by St. Joseph 以及通过兄弟责任制度实践基本美德 and friendship. For more information or to join, please contact Brady Reynolds (

Hobbies & Special Interests

  • Bridge Club

    • 桥牌俱乐部旨在教授学生契约桥牌的游戏,并为学生提供适合的 environment in which to play. We host weekly meetings for social games, with no experience necessary. Contact Lauren Engelthaler for more information at
  • Cinema Connoisseurs Club

    • Join the Cinema Connoisseurs for movie nights! We seek to cultivate a community that 促进深入的讨论和思考,以及纯粹的享受电影作为一种 artform. Share your movie suggestions and expect to experience some great cinema, snacks, and conversation! Contact Francesca Romana at
  • Chess Club

  • Dungeons and Dragons

    • While our main focus is on Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games, 澳门葡京手机版还举办其他书呆子文化活动,如电影之夜和电子游戏 tournaments. Contact!

Life & Physical Sciences, Mathematics

  • American Society for Microbiology

    • ASM是一个由学生组成的组织,他们在探索这一领域有着相似的兴趣 of microbiology. ASM hosts various events to help aid its members pursue careers in the field of biological sciences. If interested, please contact Suzie Hwang ( 
  • Association of Computing Machinery

    • ACM主办与计算机科学相关的活动,如编程团队、黑客马拉松、 tutorials, tech speakers, and more. ACM is also open to hosting other computer science related activities, such as web or game development, depending upon interest. Contact Jacob Humble ( to join. 
  • Beta Beta Beta 

    • Tri-Beta (Beta Beta Beta)是全国公认的学生荣誉协会 本科生,致力于提高他们对学习的理解和欣赏 通过科学扩展人类知识的边界 research. Throughout the year, we typically have fun social events, guest speakers, discussion panels, and community service events. Contact Bela Lima at to get involved! 
  • Math Club

    • 数学俱乐部是一群发现数学有趣,想要分享乐趣的人 of it with others. There are weekly meetings to talk about your favorite formulas, solutions, sequences, and so much more. Even if you don't like math, we can make it fun! Contact to join! 
  • Pre-Health Society

  • Psychology Club

    • 如果你对心理学感兴趣,或者学习心理学,这个俱乐部很适合你! 加入满足其他心理学学生和满足澳门葡京手机版的惊人的教师在社交活动 还有聚会、嘉宾演讲、小型讲座,以及为年轻学生提供指导. Contact Emma Christensen ( if interested! 
  • Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS)

    • 如果你是一个对化学感兴趣的科学专业学生,你喜欢免费的披萨,SMACS is the perfect club for you! We host fun events for eating pizza, talking to friends, 还有庆祝化学,以及教育活动,以了解更多关于职业的知识 in science, how to get research opportunities, and more. If you're interested, please email Suzie Hwang ( to be added to the email list.
  • Society of Physics Students

    • 物理学生协会(SPS)是一个寻求加入的全国性组织 所有对物理感兴趣的学生,不论他们的专业,合为一体 和联系紧密的社区,以及培养物理学生之间的联系 and students of other sciences and the humanities. For more information contact James Latour at
  • Women in STEM

    • STEM中的女性是科学、技术、工程和/或数学领域的女性的社会 who enjoy conversations, cookies, and coffee! Periodically we invite female speakers 来教澳门葡京手机版更多关于他们职业生涯的知识,但澳门葡京手机版关注的是支持 through community and conversation. To join, contact Maria Pecha at

Sports & Recreation

  • Blue Crew

    • 澳门葡京手机版 school spirit comes from the roars of Blue Crew chants. We attend all games cheering on our fellow classmates as they contend for glory. Contact Ethan Meduna ( to join.
  • Fencing Club

    • 澳门葡京手机版的击剑俱乐部练习HEMA:历史欧洲武术,包括匕首, Sword and Buckler, Sabre, and Longsword. We will soon begin another section that practices Epee. Email the Fencing club email ( for more info. En garde! 
  • Irish Dance

    • Come to Irish Dance club! Whether you’re a seasoned stepper or don’t have any Irish blood, we’d love to have you. Learn group dances for our performances or just come for a weekly workout. Email Marie Glenn at for more information.
  • Lyrical Dance

    • 抒情舞蹈俱乐部是不同技能水平和经验的艺术家的地方 to come together to practice dance styles such as ballet, lyrical, and jazz. We meet once a week, or based on the availability of the club members. We strive to create a safe space for all dancers, no matter your ability level! Contact Sylvan Wiebe ( for more information! 
  • Martial Arts Club

    • 武术俱乐部让广大学生更容易接触到武术. 澳门葡京手机版练习各种艺术,包括跆拳道、拳击、柔术和摔跤. 澳门葡京手机版的目标是努力工作,学习每一种艺术的不同哲学. Contact Kevin Farris ( to join! 
  • Rowing Club

    • 澳门葡京手机版赛艇是一个俱乐部,促进娱乐和竞技双桨和船员 rowing. Partnered with the Dallas Rowing Club on Bachman Lake, students learn to row from coaches at the DRC and afterwards apply for membership at the DRC. With DRC membership, 学生可以随时使用船、湖、健身房和船屋 to use these facilities. Students can either row recreationally or pursue it competitively, partaking in rowing regattas facilitated by the DRC. Those interested in the club 应该在一个学期开始的时候加入,这样他们就可以先学会划船,然后呢 afterwards acquire membership at the DRC to row whenever they choose. Contact Joe Bartke ( and John Kheriaty ( for more information.
  • Rugby

  • Spikeball

  • Swing Club

    • 每周三晚上8-10:30在Rat加入澳门葡京手机版 Swing,享受美妙的音乐,Swing课程, social dancing, and the opportunity to meet new people! Regardless of dancing experience, all are welcome. Contact Nico Walz ( if you have any questions. 
  • Swing Team

    • 摇摆舞队是为那些希望进一步发展他们的摇摆舞技巧 Swing Club allows. By practicing aerials, footwork, and choreographed routines, those 参加摇摆队的人准备在全年的活动中表演吗. For more info, contact Nico Walz ( 
  • Tap Club

  • Venture Crew

    • Venture Crew将喜欢户外活动、结识新朋友的学生聚集在一起, and exploring the wilderness! To join, reach out to Emily Dietrich at
  • 澳门葡京手机版 Fitness

    • 澳门葡京手机版 Fitness是一个由学生组成的社区,他们致力于学习和完善锻炼技术. Our community is open and welcoming to all skill levels and people. If you want to join a community of motivated gym go-era, the 澳门葡京手机版 Fitness Club is for you! Contact Liam Hamway at for more info or to join.
  • 澳门葡京手机版 Ultimate


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